Advent: the coming.Coming celebate the coming King as we look to the wonder of Christmas with our Saviour. Please make sure to get a devotional book for your family.

Next Study series: will begin the third week on January.

In a life group you can take a break from the busy demands of everyday life and invest in what is really important: Your relationship with God and relationship with people around you. This is the place to ask questions, chalenge, grow, and love one another. Most life groups consist of 8-12 members that meet for an hour and a half at Church. Mondays 6:30 to 8:00Wednesday 6:30 to 8:00 (childcare provided)

When and how did Jesus become real to you? Jesus became real to me my senior year of high school when I had the ‘A-ha!’ moment that Jesus was more than the creator of the Universe; halso wanted to be my best friend. What do you do at the Journey Vineyard? I stay in touch with our missionaries around the world and follow God’s leading in engaging the mission field God has given each of us at the Journey—the mountain area.What’s the best thing about being at the Journey Vineyard? Honesty. Being a part of a church family that is open with each other in some of the most vulnerable areas of our lives. Who are the biggest influences in your life? My family and friends, Shane Claiborne, the Faith Alive Medical Clinic staff, and the people who smile on public transit.What do you do to have fun? Outdoor adventures; ocean kayaking and urban hiking are at the top of my list. Spending quality time with the great people in my life. Dancing. Going onto travel sites and planning trips…and sometimes getting the opportunity to take them! What is your favorite book, movie or music? My favorite movie is ‘Waking Ned Devine’ which is the story of a village on the Isle of Man trying to claim a lottery win for a deceased neighbor. It’s great.What is your favorite food? Fried plantains. How do you like your coffee? Poured down the sink and replaced with tea. What is your favorite “small indulgence”? I thoroughly enjoy adding to and checking things off my ‘Life List.’ What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Stayed local and got a real job after college instead of selling everything I owned to travel the world. Name 3 Adjectives that best describe you? Vibrant, Emotional, Caring

Here at the Journey Vineyard, Kids are a growing population and a growing part of our ministry to the community. Sunday JV classes are during our message times so that kids can stay in during worship learn to worship with us.

The JV. Children's MinistryRecently Luis Bush, the man who coined the phrase “10/40 window”, has come to realize if we want to have the greatest impact in reaching people with the good news of Jesus’ love for them, we need to narrow our focus to the “4/14 window”. This window doesn’t have anything to do with where people live. It is about people between the ages of 4 and 14 years old!

Vineyard Values• The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God • Experiencing God • Culturally Relevant Mission • Reconciling Community• Compassionate Ministry Click here for more

Our statement of faith• God the King and the Holy Trinity • God the King: The Creator and Ruler of all things • Counterfeit Kingdom: Satan and Demonic Hosts • The Kingdom in Creation, the Fall, and the Doctrine of Original Sin • God’s Providence, Kingdom Law and Covenants • Christ the Mediator and Eternal King • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit • The Sufficiency of Scripture • The Power of the Gospel over the Kingdom of Darkness • The Church: Instrument of the Kingdom • Baptism and the Lord’s Supper• The Kingdom of God and the Final JudgmentFor more click here

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Furious Love Movie & Dessert 5:30 April 15thBring a dessertKieth Martens Prayer SummitSaturday April 20th @ Journey 10:00 to 3:00Ladies Night Friday April 26th

When and how did Jesus become real to you?As a Junior in High school at a Young Life camp. I understood truth for the first time and received Jesus.What do you do at the Journey Vineyard?Nothing, I just work on Sundays... What’s the best thing about working at the Journey Vineyard?Seeing lives changed by the power of God.Who are the biggest influences in your life?My family, The Chuch, John Wimber, Ken Tada, Dallas Willard, and my faithful Landcruiser Olive.What do you do to have fun?Fly Fish, Mountain Bike, Kayak, back country ski.What is your favorite book, movie or music?Authors are best for me... C.S Lewis, Gordon Fee, John Wimber, John Piper, J.R. Tolkien, Richard Foster, Yurgen Multmann, St. Augustine, Thomas Merton, Smith Wigglesworth, Bernard of Clairevouxe, Francis Schafer, C.K. Chesterton, Soren Kirkegard, Don WIlliams, Tri Robinson, Erwin McManus.Movie - Lord of the Rings trilogy, Second Hand LionsMusic: disco for sure!What is your favorite food?Free!How do you like your coffee?Canadiano- Americano with foamed milk (snow covered Rockies), Maple Syrup, with Casey Lucas singing the Canadian National Anthem optional!(does anyone know the second verse?)What is your favorite “small indulgence”?My '77 Land cruiser Olive.What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?Planted a church.Name 3 Adjectives that best describe you?Intense, loyal, honest...

Visio Dei To see God as He is, not as we make or perceive Him to be. What does He say about Himself, us, and our relationship with Him.Imago DeiTo shed all of our nature and become like Him and therefore becomming more of what we are created to be; fully engaged in His presence and passion.Missio DeiJoining Him in his work here on this earth with the authority of scripture, and power of the spirit. See His wonderCatch His passionWalk the Journey

After five and half years in the theater we moved to the "old barn" and are anticipating some incredible things as God has been faithfully showing up and showing us more of His grace and wonder. So Join us as we....... see His wonder... catch His passion... walk the journey

We started out as a evening service at Yosemite Lakes Community Church. As it grew, so did the people serving. This led us to a crossroads and we were blessed and sent from Y.L.C.C. We started as the journey service and then became the Journey Vineyard church in 2005. There were some words & scriptures spoken over us that have kept us moving ahead through the rocky stretches. Zeph 3: 9 -13 & Isaiah 61. We started on September 11, 2005 in the cafeteria of Yosemite High School. Soon we moved to the Theater Arts room of the high school

We are a people that earnestly seek open and honest relationships. A place where the importance of becoming more like Jesus is put above race, creed, culture, age, or economics. We are a church of people who were about to give up on the church; We are a place you’ll either love or leave...This is a description of the soft architecture within our community. Above all, we desire to learn to do the things Jesus said and did, seek intimacy and conform to His image.

Welcome to the Journey Vineyard Church...

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